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Majid Ali, M.D.'s Seminars
The videos download to your computer.
They are approximately 45 minutes long and are a "seminar" on the subject.

After you order you will receive an email with the download link.

Click on the link, the video downloads - you watch!

This is a FOUR part seminar on  Oral Hygiene Protocol -Bad breath, Jaw Bone Loss, oral sores
Oral Hygiene
This is a four part seminar on how to manage
cholesterol naturally
This is a four part seminar on
how to manage GERD naturally

Manage Cholesterol
Manage GERD
This is a seven part seminar on
This is a three part seminar on
how to manage Stress naturally
7 Parts Dr. Aliís Course on Cancer
Seminar 1 - The First Encounter
Seminar 2 - The Oxygen Model of Cancer
Seminar 3 - Should You Have Cancer Surgery?
Seminar 4 - Radiotherapy for Cancer
Seminar 5 Chemotherapy - Should You Take It?
Seminar 6 - Oxygen Protocol for Treating Cancer
Dr. Ali's Course on Cancer Seminar 8 - Cancer Killing Spices
Professor Majid Ali presents the physiology, pathology, and clinical features of responses to chronic stress.
Three video bundle only $14.95

Dr. Ali's Stress Control  Program
Dr. Ali's Course on Stress
Be-Aware Living with Stress
This is a three part seminar on
women's related health disorders
This is a three part seminar on
Insulin Toxicity Course
Dr. Ali describes various natural remedies from common women's related health disorders. VIDEOS
Ovarian Cysts Seminar
Mammography Truths and Untruths Seminar
Breast Soreness and natural remedies Seminar
Reduction of Insulin, Toxicity of Insulin, and the Management of Insulin.

Pain Management and Pain Control Skin Problems
3 Video downloads
Dr.Ali's Seven Top Natural Remedies Part One
Dr.Ali's Seven Top Natural Remedies Part Two Trigger Point Therapy Seminar
Three Videos on
Acne, Rosacea, and Nail Fungus